Located in Aotea,next to Porirua, the popular Adrenalin Forest Course is a great day trip for the entire family. I would recommend this very much a summer trip than a winter one so you can be stunned the amazing scenery. In the back drop you see the natural surroundings and the sea. Of all their sites in Canterbury, Wellington and the Bay of Plenty, the Wellington one is our favourite.


The courses start at 1.5 metre above sea level and there something for everyone of all ages and fitness. Completing the whole task is not something everyone can do however if you have done it you would have climbed, jumped and swung around atleast 20m up in the air.


The challenge is a nice mix of brain and brawn as there are multiple ways of completing the challenge. Popular challenges include the Indiana jump and Wrecking Balls. With a state of the art safety clip system you can be assured you are always connected to the safety line at all times even when you are up leaping metres above sea level.

The facility also offer go pro hires so you can capture your moments to boast to friends and family later.