Wellington Waterfront is a public recreation destination under development in the capital of New Zealand (NZ). Here you can spend time in Wellington visiting a museum, learning about our history, eating in our waterfront restaurants, attending events or having fun in a park.

Taranaki Street Wharf

One of the few west-facing parts of the central city, Taranaki Street Wharf and its environs are ideal locations to enjoy the afternoon and evening sun.

The precinct has undergone extensive, award-winning transformation in recent years.  The work has involved paving, planting and redevelopment of previously unused buildings. Highlights include:

Kupe Group Statue                                                                                         
The recast bronzed version of the historic Kupe Group statue was relocated to this area in 2000.  The statue shows Kupe, the great Maori explorer, his wife Te Aparangi and tohunga Pekahourangi.

The area around the Star Boating Club (The Boatshed), Wellington Rowing Club and new Lagoon headland has been landscaped. There is also a new Karaka tree grove.

Bridges and Pontoons                                                                                       
A new bridge was installed across the widened Lagoon entrance, and a floating pontoon underneath. A Bascule type pedestrian bridge has been built across one of the cut-outs.

Wharf cut-outs                                                                                              
Two wharf cut-outs have been added in the area next to Circa Theatre and Te Papa.

Timber garden                                                                                                   
A 'timber garden' made out of wharf timber recycled from the cut-outs is a feature of the Odlin Plaza.

Wharf shed to bar                                                                                        
Shed 22 was transformed from a basic wharf shed into the Wellington Brewery, a popular bar and restaurant. 

Redundant warehouse to commercial centre                                          
The Odlin Building was converted from an empty, decaying warehouse into the NZX Centre, home of New Zealand's stock exchange, the offices of local internet giant Trade Me and Loyalty New Zealand, with private apartments on the upper floors.

Wellington Free Ambulance Building revamp                                         
New life was breathed into this unique Art Deco building, popular for dining, drinking and the outdoor experience at the St John's Heineken Hotel on the ground floor. There are boutique offices above.

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