Wellington Waterfront is a public recreation destination under development in the capital of New Zealand (NZ). Here you can spend time in Wellington visiting a museum, learning about our history, eating in our waterfront restaurants, attending events or having fun in a park.

Waitangi Park Introduction

An exciting urban park

What used to be known as 'Chaffers' park has been transformed into Wellington's biggest and most exciting urban park - measuring six hectares in total. 

It was decided to separate implementation of the overall Park design into three areas so that areas 2 and 3, would not hold up development of the main park area (Area One):

Area One
Area Two
Area Three

Area One is complete, you can bring the family down for a picnic then send the teenagers off to the skate park, while the younger ones can play safely in the Children's Play Garden. Adults can enjoy a game of petanque or watch the kids at play while enjoying a fresh coffee.

Or you can head down to the Park in the evening with your fish 'n chips, watch a concert on the Park's central open field, enjoy the sunset, paddle in the tide at the new beach or stroll along the new boardwalk promenade.

The Waitangi Park design also features three distinctive new buildings. Their primary function will be to provide indoor recreation options that will cater to the interests and needs of the diverse Wellington community. Whatever your age or your interest we plan to offer you something diverting or delightful within. The buildings will also provide shelter from the wind, ensuring the Park can be used in all weathers and the revenue gained from them will go some way towards recouping the costs of developing the Park.

An international architectural design competition  was held to choose the designs for the three new buildings in areas 2 and 3 of the Park.

Further work still needs to be done, on the specific uses of these buildings, obtaining investors in the buildings and gaining resource consent before the plans are finalised.

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Brief History of the area
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