Heritage Trail

One of the newest attractions on the waterfront is a new family of signs that celebrate the history of the area.

The trail can be followed informally, ie you just read the signs as you come across them, or you can pick up the accompanying Maritime Heritage Trail booklet from the Wellington City Council, Public Libraries or the Waterfront Project Information Centre (Shed 6, Queens Wharf) and follow the trail from beginning to end.

While the signs concentrate mostly on the waterfront’s built environment, the booklet contains some very interesting commentary on the social history of the waterfront.

There are a total of 11 signs dotted throughout the waterfront so far, but as the development of the various waterfront precincts progresses, the trail will be added to over time.

The trail extends beyond the boundaries of the Waterfront Project Area and continues round Oriental Parade as far as the Band Rotunda.

The snippets of information contained on the signs were researched and written by local historian, Michael Kelly.

Designed by Jaime Lawrence of Athfield Architects, with typography by Stringer Award winner, Catherine Griffiths, these signs certainly provide an attractive and interesting new dimension to the waterfront.