New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts is an Art Gallery featuring original works of art by leading New Zealand artists, all of which are for sale.

The Academy is a non-profit private company, supported by membership subscriptions, donations and commissions on the sale of exhibited works.

Our current membership exceeds 1200, many from other parts of New Zealand, and we offer different categories – Corporate, Business, Donor, Artists (by election of the Academy Council) and Student subscribers.

A variety of exhibitions are mounted annually covering most art and craft forms. Exhibitors are drawn from all over New Zealand. Exhibits are all recent works and are normally for sale at a low rate of commission (further discounted for exhibiting members).

Neil McCormick
Executive Manager
1 Queens Wharf

Ph: (04) 499 8807
Fax: (04) 499 2612