Wellington Waterfront is a public recreation destination under development in the capital of New Zealand (NZ). Here you can spend time in Wellington visiting a museum, learning about our history, eating in our waterfront restaurants, attending events or having fun in a park.


Rain or shine, thereís always something going on in and around the water of the Lagoon.

You might see rowers on the water heading out for practice or at the waterís edge working on their boats. And on the other side will be the dragon boaters lining up their boats and crews before hitting the water.

The Lagoon is a favourite spot for CBD workers to enjoy their lunch or an hourís respite in the sun away from their desks. And itís a great spot to enjoy a gelato or snow freeze and just enjoy the views.

Paddle boaters can be seen heading off for a reccie around the harbourís edge, and thereís plenty of great places for dipping your feet in the water and having a paddle.

Itís also one of the few west-facing parts of the central city so the Lagoon is the perfect place to head to after work to enjoy the evening sun.

Itís ironic that one of the busiest, most-used parts of the waterfront was actually an accident.  Following major reclamations in the 1970s and 80s, the Lagoon area was the only part of the waterfront left as open sea, when a decision to build a coastal highway was overturned before the reclamation could be completed.

The Rowing Clubs at the Lagoon

A few years ago the Lagoon underwent a revamp with new landscaping and a new headland, a widened entrance and a new bridge with a floating pontoon beneath.  More recently, the grassy mound of covering tailings from the original lagoon excavation has been smoothed out to create the rolling green lawn.

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